Integrated Construction & Development, a part of Integrated Real Estate Group in Southlake, Texas


Transforming Visions Into Reality

Integrated Construction & Development has decades of experience managing the construction phase of developments, and transforming the plans and visions of real estate developers into reality. The company has successfully built more than 70 projects across Texas and leverages its established relationships with suppliers, contractors, and government agencies to complete construction projects on time and under budget.

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Knowledge & Experience You Can Count On

A core strength of Integrated Construction & Development is the company’s productive working relationships with project developers. This seamless integration equates to fewer scheduling issues, fewer cost overruns, less wastage, and improved communication. After many years of experience managing the construction phase of diverse developments, we have a keen awareness of the perils and issues that can occur in the field. This accumulated knowledge is applied to each building project to make the construction process as foolproof as possible.

An aerial view of a property managed by Integrated Real Estate Group, based in Southlake, Texas

Integrated Real Estate Group DIVISIONS

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Integrated Construction & Development is one of four divisions that comprises Integrated Real Estate Group – an award-winning company headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area providing development, architectural, engineering, construction, and property management services for multifamily and senior living communities across the South Central United States. The synergistic competencies of the Integrated Housing Solutions, Integrated Construction & Development, Integrated Senior Living, and Integrated Property Management divisions have allowed Integrated Real Estate Group to successfully acquire, design, build, and operate more than 15,000 senior living and multifamily units with over $1 billion in development costs, while maximizing efficiency, and shrinking timelines and costs.

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